Houthis permit cheating in exams

Houthis permit cheating in exams

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis continue systemic methods to damage the education in areas of their control.

The latest incident of this chain is the permission to students to cheat in secondary and primary certificate exams for receiving payoff form enrolled test-takers.

 Close to half a million male and female students in the Houthis-held areas, began last week taking the tests for the secondary and primary school certificates.

Public teachers said that the cheating in exams has been reported in several testing centers across the capital Sana’a and other Houthis-controlled areas.

The test-takers can bring in their cellphones to the testing rooms and they use them for exchanging answers to questions.

The sources said that test-takers exchange papers and set up groups on social messaging apps for this purpose.

Proctors often collect money from the test-takers in exchange to permit the cheating, sources quoted by the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat daily Newspaper said.

The sources indicated that most registered proctors were replaced by volunteers from the Houthis affiliates who have no technical background in education.

The registered-proctors left testing rooms apparently protesting suspension of their monthly payment and refused to monitor the test-takers despite the Houthis’ threats, the sources said.

They added that the Houthis extort test-takers for forcing them to pay money in exchange of the cheating in exams.

Each test-taker pays YR 2,000 for each test, the sources in Sana’a said.

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