Senior Houthi militant rapes 13-year-old boy in Taiz

Senior Houthi militant rapes 13-year-old boy in Taiz


A senior Houthi militant raped a 13 year old boy in Yemen's southwestern province of Taiz early last Tuesday, local sources said. Mohammed Qayed al-Ashmali who serves as a Security Supervisor in the theocratic militia's controlled part of Taiz, al-Barh, raped the child identified only as B.A'A.A after when he was in custody in the militia's self-styled Security Precinct. The child had been held upon the request of his grandfather who did not want the child to come to his house but stay with his divorced mother. After the uncle of the child learnt he was raped, he went forward to a more senior Houthi official to lodge a complaint. But the militia took him and his raped nephew to the more notorious intelligence-run jail of Al-Saleh.

The United Nations has for six years systematically covered upon on the Shia militia's appalling human rights abuses in Yemen by either ignoring them - for most of the time – or downplaying them as ordinary violations "coming from all quarters."





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