Stories of Houthi sexual abuse of children overwhelm Yemeni media

Stories of Houthi sexual abuse of children overwhelm Yemeni media



The Yemeni media today is replete with stories of sexual abuse of children by Shia theocratic extremists governing northwest Yemen.

Today many media outlets reported that a Houthi senior militant raped a child days ago and has now got him imprisoned with his uncle who complained to a more senior Houthi warlord in the city about the rape of his nephew.

Anaweenpost news website reported that Houthi warlords in Dhale'a, a warfront between north and south Yemen, have over the past few weeks married young girls below the age of 13 out of the will of the girls' families.

The young girl to be forcibly married reportedly tried to commit suicide more than one time over the past two weeks to end her suffering. The girl, by the name Suood, (pictured) was married by 65-year-old Yahya Musleh who is from far north Yemen but is temporarily serving as a Houthi military commander in the warfront area.

"So the Houthi terrorism in Dhale'a is not limited to rocket shelling, it also includes forcible marriages," Anaween post website remarked.

Elsewhere in Ibb, facebookers said a Houthi militant and his friend raped a mother and her daughter last weekend exploiting the absence of the family's man outside the country.

Since the beginning of the Houthi coup in September 2014 and the ensuing war, the UN has been taking a very biased stance in favour of the Houthis almost totally ignoring their crimes and, above all, their responsibility for what has happened to Yemen ever since.


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