Army solider die under torture in Houthis-run prison

Army solider die under torture in Houthis-run prison

Alsahwa Net-One soldier who used to work for the national army in Marib, was tortured to death in a Houthis-run prison in Dhamar governorate.

Sources closed to the soldier’s family, Ahmed Mohammed Hussein Al-Sahaqi, said that leaders of the Houthis in Dawran Ans district of Dhamar contacted Al-Sahaqi when then was in Marib and convinced him to return home with promise granting him the general pardon.

The sources said that the Houthis managed to bring him back following pledges of safety and no-harm word.

Al-Sahaqi left his camp in Marib and returned his hometown.

However, days later of his return, Houthis militants in military vehicles stormed his house, arrested him and took him to one of their secret prisons in Dhamar city.

Al-Sahaqi was badly tortured and passed away following eight days-custody, according to the sources.

The organization said that the Houthis officials must be brought to justice over such heinous crime that is only one case of their black record of crimes against humanity.

The organization called on local and international organizations to intensify efforts at documentation and reporting of abuses against children in Taiz and exposing such crimes to the public to pressurize the Houthis halt such hostile acts that primarily target the civilians particularly the children.

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