What did the Yemeni media say today?

What did the Yemeni media say today?



  1. The people of Hadhramout succeeded in their massive demonstration yesterday to voice their support for the legitimate government despite violent attempts of disruption by the STC. Hadhramout was the 5th southern Yemeni city to rise up against the separatists. Source: Multiple news websites.
  2. The spokesman of Al-Amaliqa (Giants) Forces in the wesern coast of Yemen has accused the United Nations of bias in favor of the Houthi militia. He said the militia violated the Stockholm Agreement in different ways including in handing over the seaports to themselves but the UN tolerates these Houthi deceptions. Source: Ababil news webite.
  3. A man by the name Ahmed al-Sehaqi died of torture in a Houthi jail in the city of Dhamar today.Al-Sehaqi was a soldier in the legitimate army in Marib but was lured back to his home city by Houthis by giving him a false promise of pardon. Source: Sawt Al-Horiya news website.
  4. The British ambassador called on Houthis to stop the attack on Marib and Yemeni activists responded to him: 'Actually Houthis have taken the green light from you'. Headline of Alharf 28 news website.

  5. The P5 states reject the Houthi attack on Marib. Source: Multiple news websites.

  6. The Houthi militia force international organizations to either recruit candidates loyalist to the militia in vacancies or to face disruptions. Source: Al-Thawrah news website.

  7. Tareq Saleh the commander of the UAE-aligned "Republican Guards" in Yemen's western coastline says the march of his forces to "liberate Hodeidah from Houthi militants was stopped by international" pressures.

  8. Four people were killed in Houthi-controlled Ibb province as part of a cycle of tribal revengebetween the clans of Adighreer and al-Herdi. Source: Yemen Times news website.
  9. The governor of the government-held Marib Sultan al-Eradah inaugurates a medicine science college in his city while Houthi rebels inaugurate new cemeteries for their hardcore militants in Aljawf. A satirical headline and post on many news and social media platforms.

  10. Islah official Ali Aljaradi has warned that the deterioration of the national currency, the Riyal, is a coming disaster whose impact will dwarf the war itself." Source: Multiple media quoting Aljaradi's tweet.
  11. A military court held a second session in the trial of rebel leader Abdulmalik al-Houthi and 174 others for mounting the September 2014 coup. Source: Multiple media platforms.
  12. The Saudi mine action program of MASAM says it has extracted more than 3000 landmines in Yemen since the beginning of this August. Source: Multiple news websites.
  13. Yemen's information minister says the alleged confrontations between Houthis and Al-Qaeda in their adjacent territories in central Yemen's Beidha province is a cover-up on cooperation. Source: Multiple news websites.
  14. Al-Qaeda bombed a medical care center in Beidha. Source: Multiple news websites.
  15. A Houthi militant raped a seven-year-old girl in Taiz, days after another militant raped a 13 year old boy. Source: Multiple news websites.

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