Abyan tribes accuse Saleh, Houthis of supports terrorist groups

Abyan tribes accuse Saleh, Houthis of supports terrorist groups

Tribes of al-Maraqishah in Abyan have accused ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the Houthis of supporting terrorist groups with the aim of taking it over. 

Tribal leaders on Saturday held a meeting in which they stressed that they would fight terrorists and drive them out of their areas.  

They affirmed that their areas will be secure, emphasizing that they will not accept any existence of armed groups in their areas. 

The tribes warned against sheltering any outlaws, pointing out that terrorists coordinate with Saleh and the Houthis to destabilize Abyan and plunge it into chaos.

Meanwhile, Governor of Aden Aidroos al-Zabedi has said that there are a lot of challenges which the port city of Aden faces, pointing out that the main challenge is counter-terrorism and naturalization of life. 

"We succeeded to a large extent in fighting terrorism and are still need  to be supported in order to eradicate it" he added. 

He also emphasized that Aden lack to essential services such as electricity, water, judiciary and others. 

 The Yemeni government had stated that it prepares a plan to eliminate al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula from the governorate of Abyan.  

According to Saba News Agency, the government held a meeting with the local authorities in Aden And Abyan, stressing the importance of defeating any al-Qaeda attempts to exist in Abyan governorate

Prime Minister Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghar directed ministries and competent authorities to provide any equipment and supplies to security services in order to enhance their performance.   

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