Press Summary

Press Summary



  1. A Houthi militant by the name Mohammed Wasel shot dead his mother, father and a neighbor and injured three other grils before fleeing his village in Aljarrahi. Source of the story: Multiple news websites.

  2. Houthi militants executed a man before his family after he had helped them gain some territory in his village of Mahiliya in the periphery of the government-held province. Source: Almashehad Alyemeni website.

  3. The armed forces secured significant gains in the desert of Aljaw against Houthi militants. Source: Multiple news websites.

  4. The Saudi mine action program of MASAM extracted 1500 Houthi-laid landmines in the second week of September. Source: Multiple websites.

  5. The tribes of Murad in Marib have signed “an Honor Charter” makes any treasons or facilitation of Houthi militant advances a crime penalized by death. Source: Multiple websites.

  6. STC separatist militants kidnapped the owner of a new tourist restaurant in Aden today. Source: Multiple websites.

  7. The government has warned Houthi rebels against trying to close the case of Abdullah Al-Aghbari - a viral murder crime – through a nominal hearing into the militia-run courts in Sana’a. Source: Multiple websites.

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