Houthis’ attacks in Hodeida threatens truce collapse

Houthis’ attacks in Hodeida threatens truce collapse

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis have continued their attacks for the fourth day in a row in various parts of Hodeida province.

The escalation threatens collapse of the United Nation (UN) sponsored- fragile ceasefire that was enacted in late 2018 in line to the Stockholm agreement.

The Military Media of the government Joint Forces said that the government forces foiled several Houthis attacks that began last Friday particularly south Hodeida.

So far, around 350 Houthis fighters were killed and injured during the past four days, according to the government forces. 

A military source said that the Houthis used heavy weapons including the artillery and mortar shells but failed to make any advancement.

The joint forces said that it inflicted huge loss to the Houthis’ side including personnel casualty and hardware damage.

Abu Hussein Al-Kibsi, a Houthis field leader was killed during the recent attempts for advancement in northwest Hais district, south Hodeida.

The Houthis targeted populated villages of Al-Jablia area of Al-Tahita district, south Hodeida, the government military sources said.

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