YJS: Detained journalists suffer from illnesses inside Houthis jails

YJS: Detained journalists suffer from illnesses inside Houthis jails

The Yemeni journalists detained by militias of the Houthis and ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh in Sana'a are suffering from several illnesses, a member of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate Nabil al-Osaidi tweeted. 

He said that a number of journalists are suffering from illnesses and that they are deprived from being taken to hospitals. 

He also spelt out that the journalist Tayseer al-Sama'e is being subjected to torture in the capital Sana'a and that his health is continuously deteriorating.

"According to information I received, the journalist Abdul-Khaliq Emran is suffering from backache and other diseases, the journalist Akram al-Walidi is suffering from hemorrhoids and colon and the journalist Haitham al-Shihab are suffering from severe cough and chest pain." al-Osaidi added. 

He also said that the journalist Tawfeeq al-Mansouri is suffering from eye pains to the extent that he can see by one of his eyes, toothache and pains of back and joints, and that the journalist Salah al-Ka'edi is suffering from pains on his eyes. 

The journalists Esam Bel Ghaith and Hisham al-Yusufi are suffering from backache, joint and chest pains, he added. 

He also said that all detained journalists are suffering from severe amebae because they are detained in inappropriate places.  

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