What did the Yemeni Press and Social Media Say Today?

What did the Yemeni Press and Social Media Say Today?



  1. A number of Turkish relief aid officials have been kidnapped in Aden. Source of the story: Nabdh Ashare’a news website.

  2. Yemen’s Foreign Minister has called on the UN to ‘complete its roadmap for preventing the recruitment of child soldiers’ in the country accusing the Houthi militants of systematic recruitments and stealing of children’s childhood. Source: Mandab Press news website.

  3. Shabwa Governor has renewed the call on UAE forces occupying the Yemen Liquefied Natural Gas plant to evacuate so that Yemen can resume operating the facility and exporting gas to save Yemen in the face of “the hard economic conditions and devaluation of the national currency.” Source: Nabdh Al-Share’a website.

  4. Seven people have been killed mostly women and children and houses were damaged in Houthi shelling on Al-Rabsaa neighborhood south Hodeidah. Source: Alsahwa news website.

  5. The Houthi militia shelled Ikhwan Thabet – [a factory for food industry] - in Hodeidah city causing an inferno in the houses and the whole factory to get out of service. Source: Almotamarpress website.

  6. Houthi shelling destroys biggest commercial and industrial project in Hodeidah, read the head of Sana’a Online news website on the same story.

  7. The army has regained its full control over Mahilyai district in Marib after repelling Houthis from the parts they had seized. Source Al-Shahed news website.
  8. The army is advancing towards Al-Hazm city in Aljawf after regaining Al-Khanjar Military Camp. Source: Multiple news websites.

  9. After an torturing his wife all night long, a man by the name Sadeq al-Haleeqi shot dead his wife in Ibb city on Monday, in the third uxoricide in a week in Yemen. Source: Voice of Yemen news website.
  10. A number of government soldiers have finally died after long enforced disappearance and torture in Aden. Source: Balqees TV website.
  12. The Combined Forces have downed a Houthi drone north of Mokha Seaport. Source: Almashehad Aldawli website.

  13. The Houthi militia have shelled a healthcare center in al-Hawk area in Hodeidah city incurring big damage in the building that had just been reconstructed by the UAE Red Crescent. Source: Yafe’a News website.

  14. A Houthi militant has killed a teacher in Bilad Ataam district in the northern province of Raymah. Source Almasdar Online website.
  15. The National Committee on Coronavirus recorded just two cases of infections with the novel coronavirus the provinces of Hadhramout and Mahra. Source: Almashehad Alyemeni website.

  16. [After a few days of stability,] the Yemeni Riyal starts to depreciate again versus the US dollar. Source: Multiple news websites.

  17. The government holds the Southern Transitional Council militia accountable for the failure of the Riyadh Agreement. Source: Yemen Talk website.


Social Media

  1. “Houthi militants have killed Azzam Sayfan, a soldier (pictured) they had arrested in Najd Almajmaa front near Marib by breaking his feet and nose and burning his body with acid in pure form. Share this story to let the ‘neutral’ know how terrorist the theocratic Houthi militia is,” wrote Nadya Abdullah a female facebook activist.

  2. As Marib has withstood all these attack to which the Houthis committed their expertise, military and financial resources and sleeping cells, it is time that this war is reversed to liberate the country from the terrorist Houthi militia. Facebook post by journalist Bashir Alharithi.

  3. STC militiamen have kidnapped employees from the Turkish Red Crescent in Aden, a facebook post by activist Anees Mansour.


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