What did the Yemeni Press Say Today?

What did the Yemeni Press Say Today?


Traditional Press:

  1. Former Prime Minister Bin Daghr warns of an existential threat posed by the (Houthi) Imamite theocracy to Yemen and of the return of occupation to south Yemen. Source of the story: Yemen Talk news website.
  3. Tensions are growing between the government forces and the UAE forces around Yemen’s natural gas liquefaction project in Shabwa as the government press presses its demands that the UAE troops occupying the facility to evacuate it and allow Yemen to resume exporting gas. The army is detaining for the second straight day 22 members of a UAE affiliated local militia (known as the Shabwa Elite Forces). The 22 militants had been deployed from UAE military base within the facility to the provincial capital of Shabwa, Ataq, to trigger a turmoil. Interrogations are still going on with the 22 militiamen. Source: Almashehad Alyemeni news website .

  4. Twitter have blocked the account of the Houthi propaganda arm, the TV channel of Al-Masira. Source: Aden Alghad website.

  5. The Houthi militia in Ibb province have criminalized the use of Whatsapp as “an obscene act.” The militia as their Order Documents reveal have given the public one week respite to remove the app and assigned militant-manned checkpoints to search the phones and arrest passengers who have the app in their phones. They also assigned raids of electronics shops to arrest salesmen who download the app for customers. Source: Bawabati and Al-Ettihad net news websites.

  6. The Houthi militia have imposed new restrictions on trading in and using WIFI networks in Sana’a. Source: Yemen Press and other websites.

  7. A child was killed today by a Houthi mortar in Hodeidah. Source: Nabdh Ashare’a news website.

  8. A Houthi militant killed three people including a child and injured others in Eyal Zreih district in Amran today. The militant who was on a dispute with the men over piece of land opened fire on them and fled, but only after he incurred the casualties. Source: Almashehad Alyemeni website.

  9. The clashes between the Combined Forces and Houthis in Hodeidah are raging fiercely. Source: Multiple websites.

  10. The army continues to claim back territories and advance in Aljawf. Source: Multiple websites.

  11. The Houthi militia executed tribal chieftain Abduraqib bin Dhuwayr Almarwani in an ambush in the district of Almotoon in Aljawf province today. Source: Sana’a Online news website.

  12. A civilian man has martyred as a result of the explosion of a Houthi-laid landmine in Hays district in Hodeidah. Source: Yafe’a News website.

  13. Despite financing the anti-Marib war with millions of US dollars over the past six months, the UAE joins three other countries in condemning the Houthi military campaign against the city, Alharf28 news website claimed attributing the information to “high-level” sources.

  14. The fighting between government forces and Houthis is raging as the UN Special envoy calls for de-escalation. Source: Multiple websites.


Social Media:

“God curse the Houthi and his dynasty and supporters. They cut his tongue and nose; removed his ears; peeled off the skin of his face and overall body until the bone was exposed. They broke the fingers of is hand. They went too far in torturing him. Last Tuesday they handed over his body in an exchange of slain fighters,” wrote female facebook activist Nadya Abdullah about government soldier Azzam Sayfan. Nadya and other social media activists say Sayfan had been arrested injured by the Houthis and subjected to the mentioned torture.


  1. “We are going to see a radical Iranian generation in Yemen soon,” tweeted Fayez Abdunoor attaching a picture of school textbooks changed and infused with radical ideology by the Houthis.




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