Press Summary 2020-10-10

Press Summary 2020-10-10

  1. The Houthi militia killed and injured five civilians in shelling on neighborhoods east of the besieged city of Taiz. Source of the story: Multiple news websites.
  2. Gunmen shot fire on telecom company, Sabafon, in Aden causing big fire in the premises. Source: Multiple websites.
  3. Hundreds of worshippers in Hayel Mosque in Sana’a rose up against a Houthi cleric after he preached hate messages and called his congregation “cowardly” for not joining the militia’s warfronts against the government. Source: Multiple websites.
  4. The army downed a Houthi armed drone in Aljawf. Source: Yemen Talk website.
  5. The army reaches the entrance of Alhazm city after overrunning vast swaths of territories in Alawf province. Source: Multiple websites.
  6. Desert locust swarms four Yemeni provinces. Source: Multiple websites.
  7. Rights organization Sam said it has recorded 200 Houthi death sentences against prisoners military personnel and civilian activists including journalists. Source: Nabdh Al-Share’a website.
  8. Shabwa governor, Oil minister inspect oil facilities in the eastern province. Source: Multiple websites.
  9. Two coronavirus cases were recorded today in Yemen, specifically in Hadhramout. Source: Khabar News Agency.

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