Digest of Yemeni websites news & social media content - 2020-10-18

Digest of Yemeni websites news & social media content - 2020-10-18

  1. Yemen’s government has slammed the Iranian regime for smuggling a militant to Houthi militia-held parts of the country and declaring him “an ambassador to Yemen.” Source of the story: Multiple news websites.

  2. A large number of news websites and social media pages focused on the “heart-wrenching” story and getty image (enclosed) of a young girl breaking in tears after realizing that her father was not among the freed in a prisoner exchange transaction the government had struck with Sana’a-based Houthis.

As the pro-government hostages flown from Sana’a were exiting the plane in the government-held Sayoon Airport, the girl, identified only as the daughter of journalist Tawfik al-Mansouri, gazed at the passengers as they step down the airstair one by one hoping to see her father amongst them. “To her bad luck! So she broke in tears and broke the hearts of the people with her,” wrote Salem Al-Oqabi on his Facebook. “She made the Yemenis cry,” Yemeni writer Khaled Alroweishan wrote.


  1. Yemen’s Information Minister said Iran’s posting of one of Qassem Suleimani’s officers as an ambassador to Sana’a and revelation of its intent to sell arms to Houthis outlines what is coming next: The five-year Iranian aggression and massacring of Yemenis will be further extended.Source of the story: Almashed Aldowali news website.

  1. Maeen Abdulmalik’s government is now required to explain how the Iranian “ambassador” made it to Sana’a. Source: Almashehad Aldowali.

  2. Chief of Houthi “Committee on Prisoners” unveils an upcoming of new prisoner exchange transaction with the government. Source: Almashehad Alyemeni.

  3. The Houthi militants have recruited so far (end of September) this year 4600 child soldiers, seven times the average number of recruits in the previous five years, the Human Rights Ministry unveiled in a report on Saturday. Source: Almashehad Alyemeni.

  4. Marib’s governor told the visiting UN Security Council’s experts the Houthi militia have committed horrific abuses against the civilians, mostly IDPs, in Marib. Since 2015 the theocratic militia have rained down the city with hundreds of ballistic missiles and killed and injured hundreds of people. In addition, they have bombed mosques, farms, hospitals and water wells, and have ubiquitously planted landmines in public places like roads, farms and pastures. Source: Yemen Talk.

  5. The Yemeni Government: Iran’s regime is sabotaging the political process and peace chances in the country. Source: Almanarahnet.

  6. The Houthi militia bombed three houses and forcibly displaced women in central Yemen’s province of Al-Beidha on Saturday. Source: The Arab Network for News.

  7. The UN is the one who flew – on one of its planes - the Iranian ambassador to Houthi-held Sana’a, said senior GPC party figure Kamel Al-Khaowdhani. Source: 4 May website.
  8. Arbitrary Houthi measures threaten to deplete the deposits of customers and cause the collapse of banks and money exchange businesses in Sana’a. Source: Almashehad Alyemeni.

  9. The Persian Governor of Sana’a has absolute authority delegated by Tehran. Source: Seyaj Post.

  10. The Houthi militia in Sana’a tortured a young man (24 yr. old Marwan Al-Haddad) to death for refusing to join the warfronts. Source: Yemen Shabab news TV channel and website.

  11. Students in Houthi-controlled Yemen are beginning this new school year with radicalized textbooks. Source: Yafe’a News.

  12. The first spark of a probable revolution against the Houthis is being ignited. All courts in Sana’a have begun a strike in protest at recurrent assaults and abuses against judiciary members by members of the militia controlling Sana’a. Source: Seyaj Post.

  13. Houthis impose new restriction on the use of WIFI networks and Whatsapp application. Source: Yemeni Sport.

  14. The government is readying to resume export of oil by year end. Source: Multiple websites.

  15. Missing girl Abeer was found to have been kidnapped, abducted and her body was dumped in Aden. Source: Multiple websites.

  16. The Houthi militia have sent the bodies of a large number of their fighters killed in the warfronts to their relatives in Ibb province. Source: Khabar News Agency.

  17. Saudi mine action program MASAM has extracted more than 1400 Houthi-laid landmines and IEDs throughout the second week of October. Source: Alharf 28.


Social Media

  1. Under the control of the STC militia, Aden has become a too dangerous city with the kidnapping and killing of girls becoming a daily news. A tweet by Nayef Abdurahman.

  2. How come Yemen’s legitimate President can never make it home and the Iranian “ambassador” can? Sign of a little conspiracy. Isn’t it? A Facebook Post by Abu Alhassan.




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