Report: Houthis recruited 4,600 children over nine months

Report: Houthis recruited 4,600 children over nine months

Alsahwa Net- A government report said on Sunday that the Houthis militia recruited over 4,600 children between January to September 2020.

The report indicated that the Houthis deprive the children from all their rights that were stated by all international conventions.

Director of International Organizations of the Human Rights Ministry, Esam Al-Sha’eri, said that the Houthis recruited in this year seven folds of the child soldiers reported in the previous years. 

The Houthis used the corona pandemic-stay at home measures to send children to its warfronts, according to Al-Sha’eri.

In this respect, local sources in Mahwit said that 38 child soldiers from one tribe were killed during the few past weeks in the fighting with the government’s forces in Marib, Al-Jawf, Al-Baida and Hodeida.

However, the Houthis continue pressurizing families in areas of their control to send new fighters, according to the sources.

Other child soldiers from marginalized groups were arrested prisoners by the government forces over the past few weeks while fighting for the Houthis in Al-Jawf.

Social media users circulated videos of scores of child soldiers who were taken prisoners while fighting for the Houthis’ side. 

A report released in September by the International and Regional Eminent Group on Yemen, documented children recruitment by the Houthis that targeted boys and girls to carry out hostile operations.  

The report said that the Houthis used the public schools for military purposes and forced teachers to indoctrinate children. 

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