English instructors leave premier language center in Sana’a

English instructors leave premier language center in Sana’a

Alsahwa Net- Eminent English teachers had to leave a premier language center in Sana’a following a growing harassment by Houthis-forcibly imposed principal.

Al-Asima News Website quoted local sources that Yousuf Al-Dailami who was installed by the Houthis to manage the Yemeni-American Language Institute (YALI), has been practicing racial discrimination against the staff that eventually made several workers to quit.

The sources said that one of the senior female English teachers has recently left the work at YALI following unbearable practices by the Houthis-management.

YALI was established by the US Embassy in Sana’a with its early contact with Yemen in the 1970s.

The center offers advanced English learning programs to non-native speakers in collaboration with several international eminent institutions.

Since their coup in late 2014, the Houthis have been replacing management and staff members of public and private organizations with their own affiliates.

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