Sweden expresses willingness to host new round of Yemeni talks

Sweden expresses willingness to host new round of Yemeni talks

Alsahwa Net- Sweden said on Monday that it devotes its efforts with Saudi Arabia, the United Nations (UN) and its partners of the European Union (EU) to convince parties to the conflict in Yemen to cease the fighting and reach an inclusive political deal.

It also expressed its readiness to host any new Yemeni political talks if it had been requested on this regard.

The Swedish Ambassador to Yemen, Niclas Trouvé whose country hosted Yemen’s peace talks in 2018, affirmed that Sweden and Saudi Arabia work together to find a sustainable peace solution to the conflict in Yemen.

He indicated that Riyadh plays a significant role as it is the direct neighbor to Yemen and its deep knowledge about Yemen as well as its historical connection with the country.

Trouvé who also serves as Swedish ambassador to Saudi Arabia and Oman, said that until now no definite plans about hosting any talks on Yemen in the short term.

Yet, he said that Sweden informed the UN that it is ready to host any talks if requested by the international community or parties to the conflict.

In press quotes published by the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat daily Newspaper, he said that the situation is extremely alarming particularly the humanitarian conditions.

He added that the conflict has been ongoing for five years and the path to sustainable peace is still open.

He indicated that the legitimate government has not managed to return home and the Houthis rebels continue their military efforts to gain control of more territories and fire missiles towards Saudi Arabia. 

He affirmed on the need to open more humanitarian passages throughout Yemen and that no alternative to a political settlement to the conflict to end the suffering of the people and achieve the peace.


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