Yemen News Digest 2020-10-20

Yemen News Digest 2020-10-20



  1. A Turkish humanitarian aid official (Finance Officer of the Turkish Red Crescent) has been shot injured in an assassination attempt in Aden. Source of the story: Multiple news websites.
  2. Following the spate of kidnapping girls in Aden, a 16—year-old girl gets kidnapped in Sana’a. Source: Anaween Post news website.

  3. A man executes his wife by fire squad in Ibb. Crimes in the city have increased to unprecedented levels since the Houthi militia’s capture of the city (in 2015). Source Anawaeen Post website.

  4. Houthi leader executes his comrade in Aljawf and dumps him in the road. The militia told the slain’s relatives he had been killed in confrontation with the government forces. Source: Multiple websites.

  5. Houthis get rid of 750 dead bodies of own militants claiming they could not be identified. Source: Yemeni Sport website.

  6. The head of the Houthi self-styled “Political Council” forms intelligence cells to spy on released Houthi detainees. Source Almashehad Aldowali website.

  7. “They banned President Hadi from returning to Yemen but allowed the Iranian ambassador,” read the headline of Yemeni Sport website.

  8. The Yemeni Government complains to the UN Security Council against Iran’s rogue regime. Source: Almashehad Alkhaleeji website.


- Houthis acknowledge losing 14 senior militiamen in the battle against the government. Source: Multiple websites.



- Yemen’s ambassador to the UK said his country paid the price for the Iranian strategy instantly, but the countries of the region will also pay the price: “in inconvenient installments.” Source: Almashehad Alkhaleeji website.


  1. The former Dutch ambassador to Yemen Ima Van Duron compares Houthis to Taliban in that the militia is pursuing “an Islamic state” of their own. Source: Almashehad Alyemeni.

  2. Houthis exploit the Prophet’s Birth anniversary to coerce people to pay (arbitrary duties] exorbitantly in Sana’a. Source: Yafe’a News.

  • - Social media activists launch hashtag campaigns in support of Shabwa’s governor who is coming under fierce UAE-financed media attack for demanding the UAE blockade on Yemeni gas exportation to be lifted. Source: Multiple website.

  • Shabwa province (in Yemen’s east) has been setting a role model in development and economic flourishing for two years thanks to the improved security situations. A visitor to the provincial capital Ataq can see a lively city where people find work, roads are constructed, tree planted, city maintained clean, power current is stable, and new projects (e.g. universities, shopping malls, amusement parks and tourist restaurants and resorts by the beach) are continuously inaugurated. Source: Alboraq News website. Shabwa pictures (circulated by other websites) attached.




Social media

  • After one week of UAE media incitement against Turkey, an official in the Turkish Red Crescent sustained life-threatening gun shots in assassination attempt. Facebook Post by Anees Mansour.
  • For the third time, the STC militia seize ammunition en route to Taiz Military Command despite the permits of the government and the Arab Coalition’s leadership. Facebook Post by Mohammed Mahyoob Ali.


* There is a clear collaboration between the proponents of secessionism (the Houthis) in the north and (the STC) in the south. They should be uprooted in the soonest possible time. A tweet by Mahweet governor Sale Sumay’a.


  • The government has already sold the country. They no longer mention the Houthis without vocalizing their “fantasy in peace.” Parrots speaking as taught. Facebook Post by Abu Alhassan.

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