Female NGO: Houthis assaulted women captives in Sana’a

Female NGO: Houthis assaulted women captives in Sana’a

Alsahwa Net-Female Relatives to Detainees Association said on Tuesday that three female captives at the Sana’a Central Prison were harshly beaten by the prison officials.

It said that it received a report on three women captives were beaten by the prison governor and several soldiers for no reason.

The victims were isolated in cells for three weeks and banned communication with their families, the NGO said.

It deplored such inhumane act against the female inmates in Sana’a including Asma Al-Omaisi who has been in custody since 2016.

It expressed its full solidarity with the female captives at the Central Prison in Sana’a and called for bringing perpetrators to justice.

It demanded improving conditions of female inmates in away that ensures respect to their dignity and lift oppression on the Yemeni women in line to the Yemeni laws and international laws on this regard.

The Female Relatives Detainees Association, a local NGO in Yemen advocates for rights and release of male and female civilian detainees and enforced disappeared people.

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