A freed activist reveals sever torture practiced inside custodies of Houthi militias

A freed activist reveals sever torture practiced inside custodies of Houthi militias

A Yemeni activist, who was lately freed in a prisoner exchange deal, Ameen al-Shafaq, has recently revealed cases of brutal torture which are practiced inside jails run by the Houthis and ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

In an interview with Alsahwa Net, Al-Shafaq, who was released on February 2017 after more than a year and four months of detention at jails of Houthis and Saleh, al-Shafaq disclosed that detainees are brutally tormented inside these jails.

He further signaled out that he and his colleagues took a permission from the de facto authorities to arrange a relief convoy from Ibb governorate to the people of Taiz who were then besieged by the Houthis, but he was chocked as militias of the Houthis and Saleh came to arrest them while they were preparing for sending the convoy

When asked when his family knew about his detention, he said that his family knew about his detention after six months of detention when he was allowed to contact them.

He indicated that that he was subjected to different kinds of torture including sever beating and electric shocks

Al-Shafaq who was among the prominent leaders of Yemen Youth Revolution in Ibb governorate also mentioned that the Houthis used torture to obtain false confessions, pointing out that he asked them to write any confessions and he would sign them, but they refused and that preferred to go on torture.

"I was fainted three times, and the militias used to pour cold water on me in order to wake me up, investigate me again and again, and then torture me " he added.

"Due to torture, I could not walk for five consecutive days, and fellow youth who were detained with me used to help me and provided me with different services. I could not even have food due to punches which were on my face".

Al-Shafaq spelt out that he was also deprived from taking to physicians or having any medicines, affirming that the was handcuffed and blindfolded.

He also cited that he found men who were detained without any charge, so they some of them burst into tears due to oppression and injustice they were facing.

He said that the detainees of revolution youth are constantly insulted, ridiculed and dealt as criminals or killers inside the Central Prison of Ibb governorate.

Al-Shafaq demanded the Yemeni government, the United Nations, its envoy to Yemen, all human rights organizations and activists to do best in order to immediately work to save the detainees and abductees held in jails of the Houthis and their ally, Saleh.

He also urged them to put pressures on the Houthis and Saleh to allow human rights organizations and activists to visit jails and brief on the crimes and torture they are facing and put an end to them.

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