Islah Charity Society slams Houthis’ use of its logo

Islah Charity Society slams Houthis’ use of its logo

Alsahwa Net- The Islah Charity Society known as CSSW has condemned the Houthis’ change of the organization’s name and using the official logo of the genuine society.

The society said that this act misleads its international partners who work for the society that is run by the Houthis.

In a statement, the society said that the Houthis’ insistence on abusing human rights and looting funds, has harmed rights of extremely poor groups who used to benefit from the society’s projects with no discrimination.

It added that the Houthis have been harassing the society by systematic banning of its humanitarian activities and freezing its bank accounts.

This was accompanied by politicizing the society and its work as a pretext to storm its offices and seize its assets, the society said.

It said that the impersonation of the society by the Houthis forms a serious offence to terms of the Yemeni constitution and international covenants that ban confiscation of public funds at any case.

It affirmed that the CSSW will continue its humanitarian operations in partnership with the government offices, the United Nations (UN) agencies and all local and international partners through its offices in Aden and Sayuon.

It renews its rejection to the Houthis’ illegal actions through the so called the judicial custodian and the Ministry of Social Affairs.

It affirms its retention of its legal rights to retrieve its confiscated assets and bring perpetrators to justice.

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