Houthis use war on terror to silence dissidents

Houthis use war on terror to silence dissidents

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis use the war on terror groups including ISIS and Al-Qaeda to crack its opponents.

Victims of this crackdown are often ordinary citizens who even do not know politics or have no specific affiliation.

 Abdullah Sultant, a retailer of qat [narcotic plant leaves used by large percentage of the population] is one of those victims who never thought that he would be arrested and accused of being an ISIS member.

The Houthis arrested Sultan from his home in Sana’a in late 2019 and accused him of being a member of a terror group.

“I just refused to send my children to fight for the Houthis and that is all,” he said.

“I was at home and suddenly one of the Houthis officials knocked the door at late night. There were nine gunmen outside and they asked me to come with them,” he said.

“The Houthis official was telling me on the way that I and my family never implemented his instructions that he makes every Friday and that I obstruct the progress of their movement,” Sulatn said.

In the prison, Sultan was accused of receiving money from the pro-government forces in Marib province.

Yet, the Houthis failed to present any proof to such allegations following four-month detention.

“I was informed on my charge on the third day of detention at a custody of a police station and my family had no information on my location,” he said.

On the fifth day, Sultan was transferred to the Criminal Investigation’s Prison and he spent there four months under physical and psychological torture.   

Sultan was set free after his brothers paid YR1.8 million to the Houthis.

Sultan’s case is only of thousands of civilians who end up in detention by the Houthis for no valid reason and with the same accusation.


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