Gov’t: Unprecedent flow of displaced people to Marib

Gov’t: Unprecedent flow of displaced people to Marib

Alsahwa Net- Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohammed Al-Hadhrami, said on Tuesday that the Houthis’ constant persecution against civilians has led to overflow of internally displaced people (IDPs) to Marib that overwhelms the public service.

In a video online meeting with the Chief of the International Organization of Migration (IOM) Mission to Yemen, Christa Rottensteiner, Al-Hadhrami affirmed on the need to an independent relief center in Marib to address the growing number of IDPs.

Both officials discussed the IOM’s activities in Yemen and its support to the government to assist at responding to the IDPs’ issue and the illegal migration from the Horn of Africa to Yemen.

Al-Hadhrami appreciated the IOM’s decentralized operations in Aden and Marib and stressed on the importance of effective presence by international organizations in Marib to face the increasing number of the displaced people. 

He affirmed on the government care to ease conditions for international organizations to operate in Marib and establish their offices to be able to contribute at assisting IDPs.

For her part, Rottensteiner presented the IOM’s activities in Yemen during the current year especially healthcare programs to the IDPs and efforts on countering COVID-19 and volunteer return program to migrants of the Horan of Africa.

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