Houthis commit 6500 violations in Dhamar during 2017

Houthis commit 6500 violations in Dhamar during 2017

A human rights group has revealed that militias of the Houthis and Saleh committed 6500 crimes and violations in Dhamar governorate as alone during 2017.

According to Nahdat Watan organization, the violations ranged from murder to injury, abduction, enforced disappearance, torture, storming, looting, plantation of landmines, recruitment of children, occupation of houses, public and private facilities, headquarters of parties, chartable associations and mosques.  

The organization alleged that the Houthis created private custodies and military camps to recruit children and send them to fight fronts. 

It mentioned that 69 persons including four children and a woman, and 15  cases assassinations including four leaders of the Islah party. 

The report also said that 749 under-18 children were recruited and sent to fight. 

"737 civilians were kidnapped and 183 mental and physical torture cases were registered. Five persons died while being tormented. The cases of enforced disappearances amounted 27 cases" it added.  

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