Sources: Rebel militias’ withdrawal from Abyan is “a big lie”

Sources: Rebel militias’ withdrawal from Abyan is “a big lie”



Alsahwa Net- The alleged withdrawal of the rebel militias from Abyan is a big lie, informed sources said, a default by the UAE-backed rebel militia on its obligations under the Riyadh Agreement for sharing power with the government over the south. 

 Abdullah Al-Kazimi, an activist from the southern frontline, said the “the Southern Transitional Council militia repositioned themselves and barely pulled back any units or weapons as presented in the media campaign. What happened was symbolic withdrawals in Abyan that were immediately replaced by other UAE militias. As for the interim capital Aden, where the government is supposed to return, no withdrawals were carried out at all.” “The withdrawal story is a big lie,” he said.  

Meanwhile a different military source confirmed to Almahriya TV channel almost the same notion: “The STC  did not really withdraw its special forces as announced over the past couple of days. Only a limited number of troopers and patrol cars evacuated their positions.”

The STC’s main forces repositioned themselves within the same frontline area and received reinforcements from a sisterly UAE-backed rebel militia, the Giants Brigade, that “came from the country’s western coastline.” 

 “So the militia are stationed in Abyan with their military equipment including the modern armored vehicles provided to them by the UAE,” the source told the channel.

On the official level, the Interior Ministry has said that the commander of the ostensibly regular force that took over a key military camp from the STC, Maj. Gen. Fadhl Ba’esh, does not represent the government. In a statement, the ministry said general “Fadhl Ba’esh had already been dismissed and referred to interrogations. The ministry said all the procedures he engages in are “invalid.”

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