Yemen is the best testimony that Satan is the king of the world

Yemen is the best testimony that Satan is the king of the world





By Sarah Hassan

Op-Ed contributing opinion writer

The Shia extremist Houthis have committed a horrifying spree of crimes over the past 15 days in several parts of Yemen: Storming a house one dawn and killing a mother between her kids in Ibb; lacing 14 houses of civilian oppositionists with bombs and blowing them up in Taiz; firing ballistic missiles on an airport, killing and injuring 135 civilians in Aden; and firing a mortar round on a wedding hall, killing and injuring 12 women in Hodeidah. 



Although the government had been appealing for an international designation of the Houthis as a terrorist organization, the Houthi history of terrorism until the latest wave of escalating terrorist acts seemingly cannot even tarnish the image of the Shia theocratic terrorists in the eyes of many international actors.

Things seem as though the United Nations, some world powers and media organizations are determined to not acknowledge the Houthi harm on the Yemeni people no matter what the Shiah theocratic extremists do.

The UN is turning a blind eye. The major powers are showing no willingness to consider Houthis terrorists. Media organizations are staying the course of hiding the truth and even standing the facts on head to keep the Houthis image clean no matter the long way they have come in the career of terrorism.

The UN officials, who usually bellow whenever Houthis are in trouble, kept tightlipped as these appalling Houthi crimes unfold one after the other.

Concerned UN officials condemned only the Aden airport attack, being difficult to ignore. They were even careful to refrain from pointing finger at the Houthi perpetrators. As usual! The UN and a number of major powers did not forget to emphasize the importance of resuming the process of “peace” with this Shiit Daesh!

Save the airport attack, the international media either ignored these horrible stories or handled them based on the Houthi narrative.  The AFP’s story which insome way turned the Houthi rebels victims of the Hodeidah wedding attack, the attack they carried out, is just one example. The western media take sides by not only deselecting stories that compromise the image of the Houthis. But they take the step out of neutrality zone to advocating the Houthi movement openly whenever the Shia militia is in trouble. When Trump’s administration indicated that they were considering to designate the Houthis a terrorist group, many western news sources turned to a propaganda team for Houthis exaggerating the consequences of the considered designation at the expense of the humanitarian crisis which the Shia militia itself triggered.

When you step back and have a bird’s-eye view of the overall international and western attitude towards Yemen, you see one devotedly biased in favor of the Houthi militants, the authors of Yemen’s misfortune.

The world actors’ relentless and unified support to the wrong cause which Houthis represent is nothing less than a clear proof that this world is governed by the Satan.


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