Press Summary from news websites 2021-01-13

Press Summary from news websites 2021-01-13


  1. Foreign Minister Bin Mubarak says the US designation of Houthis an FTO will not affect the humanitarian work in Yemen but will contribute effectively to pressure the Houthi militia [into accepting peace] after numerous years of trying the diplomatic means, an approach that only led to the increase of their terrorism. /Multiple websites.
  2. Yemen’s ambassador to Amman said the Houthis deserve the terror designation not only for their terror acts, but for also prolonging the Yemeni conflict. Mandab Press

  1. International organizations begin to evacuate their staff from Sana’a following the revealed US intent to designate Houthis a terrorist organization./Voice of Yemen website

  2. Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council: Designating Houthis a terrorsit organization is a necessary step to set a limit to their serious atrocities./Source: AlShariya Press.
  3. Presidential advisor Abdulmalik al-Mikhlafi: Houthis are a group that is based on extremist religious racism and on violence and terrorism. They overthrew the legitimate government and caused the killing of the Yemeni people.”/Almotamar Press
  4. Experts dismantle a farm of Houthi-laid landmines in Hodeidah./Source: AlShariya Press.



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