US intent to designate Houthis as terrorists provokes the anti-Yemen hyenas

US intent to designate Houthis as terrorists provokes the anti-Yemen hyenas



By Sarah Hassan

Contributing opinion writer

The US announced intent to designate Yemen’s Houthis as a terrorist organization has provoked the hyenas: Immoral western journalists and so called “humanitarian” officials and agencies systematically backing the Shiit Daesh (Houthis) since the beginning of the Yemeni war.

Their campaign against the US Administration’s announcement is mind-blowing in terms of its stark contrast with the cheering and welcoming position of the Yemeni people, the directly concerned and the victims of the conflict!

In Yemen’s media platforms, the State Department’s announcement triggered a massive wave of welcomes, sighs of relief, and even rebukes that the US move was “late” and “took too much bloodshed” until Houthis finally got “what they deserve.”

In the western media, and some other outlets, the response was one of wrath and condemnations, under the usual pretexts of concerns about disruptions to “humanitarian” aid, “peace” undermining risks, and the rest of the stuff.

It is within everyone’s means to check the Yemeni media and western media for themselves and see this attention-grabbing polarization: The Yemenis mostly  welcoming the designation of the Houthis terrorists and demanding a US beyond words to stop the Houthi terrorism,  while the western reporters campaign fiercely against it!

Surprisingly few of these activists and media outlets dispute the fact that Houthis are a terrorist group, but they all want the militia to be spared the designation on alleged concerns that the “humanitarian” aid” and  “peace process” will be undermined, or on the ground that Houthis have become “a reality”! What pretexts!

One here wants to address question to those hyenas who are allegedly concerned about the “humanitarian” situation getting worse due to the designation: What is lesser evil? Malnutrition alone or malnutrition and bloodshed combined? If Houthis are designated terrorists, people may only suffer, at worst, in terms of shortage of humanitarian supply, albeit this is not an unresolvable problem. Work-around measures can be taken to alleviate the humanitarian impact.

If the Houthis are not designated, the latter (the combination of malnutrition and bloodshed) will persist.

Do you follow up on the daily Houthi terrorist killings of civilians in their areas of control and in the government’s too. Do you follow up Yemen’s day-to-day news?!

Why doesn’t your humanity show itself up when Houthis kill the Yemeni people in massacre after massacre happening since 2015? Why are you so averse to mentioning the six year long siege of four million people in Taiz, the non-stop shelling and killing of people in the narrow alleys and neighborhoods of that small city, sniper shooting of under-10 year old girls, bombing of families in their houses with Katyusha rockets, the constant massacre of people in the governorate’s countryside as what happened in Al-Hayma days ago?!

To those who, after all this terrorism, want the Houthis not to be designated as terrorists, under the pretexts related to the “peace process”: Are you hyenas sure there is a peace process in the making, or that your beloved Houthis believe in one?!


I would also like to address a question to the hyena (Bruce Riedel from Brookings Institution) who wants Houthis to be spared the designation because they are already a “reality.”  In line with your fetid logic, Daesh, Al-Qaeda and Boko Haram are a reality too. What makes you want the Houthis to be recognized as a special reality?! Can you be honest and say why?

Actually your “A pragmatic view on Yemen’s Houthis” is the most disgraceful article, I have ever seen, defending the Houthis:

Here is what you wrote:

“The Houthis are a violent and dangerous organization — with very extremist propaganda — but they have not attacked Americans or Israelis, despite their rhetoric.” !

The only remark that comes up to one’s mind about this is to ask Riedel a question: Dear hyena, do you believe that Yemenis whom Houthis kill are humans too?


Somebody, with the ability to counter-argue in English, please join me confront these hyenas conspiring against our country.

They are too many, and I am alone.

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