Press Summary from Yemeni news websites 2021-01-26

Press Summary from Yemeni news websites 2021-01-26


  1. Even in the demonstration against their designation as a terrorist organization, Houthis prove they are one: Their brandishing of firearms, and defiance/. News Line.
  3. Twenty Arab Coalition airstrikes squash huge Houthi military reinforcements bound for Marib./24 Post
  5. Rights group says Houthis committed 4000 violations in Ibb province in 2020/Almeethaq News website.
  7. Within 48 hours only, five people have been killed in Ibb/Almeena News


  1. Houthi rocket shelling wreaks havoc in Almandhar neighborhood in

 Hodeidah and forces the residents to migrate away./Alsahel Algharbi

  2. GPC party female leader Noora Aljarawi: Houthis will not yield to any peace process because they have no desire in peace./Aden Alghad
  4. Refrained from accusing the Houthis: The UN condemns the attempt to attack Riyadh city./Almashehad Alkhaleeji
  6. With support from President Hadi and Saudi Arabia, Shabwa governor vows to carry out more development projects that enrage the UAE and its allies./Voice of Yemen
  7. Presidential advisor Abdulaziz Jubari: The US administration’s announced review of the Houthi terror designation is unwelcome. /Sama Press
  9. The Houthis are forcing school and university students and the general public to join the demonstrations against the militia’s designation as terrorists by the US./Almashedhad Aldowali
  10. The people in Sana’a let down the Houthis in their organized protest against their designation as terrorists by the US. /News Line.

  11. Taiz Police issue an underage marriage ban./Almashehad Alyemeni.
  12. The exchange rate of foreign currencies continues to rise in Aden as the Yemeni Riyal keeps falling./Anbaa Aden.
  14. The EU ambassadors visit the temporary capital Aden./Yemeni Sport

  15. Amidst daily bombings, Aden prepares to receive the ambassadors of these powerful countries./Voice of Yemen

  16. A heavy explosion rocks the vicinity of Almansoorah street, the third within hours in Aden./Bawabati

  17. A rights group (Rights Radar) holds the UN envoy Griffiths responsible for the crimes of Houthis./Almeena News
  19. The Houthi militia storm the house of the international Yemeni boxer Naseem Hameed Kashmim in Sana’a/Seerah Post.
  21. Houthis resume cracking down on Saleh-era intelligence agents./Multiple websites
  23. Houthis stoke infighting in Arhab tribes, Sana’a./Almashehad Alyemeni
  25. Shabwa governor presented to President Hadi an official complaint against the prime minister and transports minister [both accused of loyalty to the UAE] for seeking to close Qana Seaport which the governor Bin Edeiw had just inaugurated in the eastern province. Hadi replied with a warning [to the PM and TrandportsMinister] through the state-run news agency /Almashehad Aldowali. On a nationwide scale, the seaport is seen as a feat of Bin Edeiw whose overall leadership of Shabwa is seen a success story in miserable Yemen.



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