Underreported explosions rock Aden continually

Underreported explosions rock Aden continually


Mysterious explosions are continually rocking the port city of Aden for several months with their number seen increasing since the government’s return from exile to the city at the end of December, a few news websites keep reporting.   

Although usually taking place at night and leaving no human casualties, these explosions which became semi-daily since the government’s return are seen as acts of destabilization only in the city solely controlled by the United Arab Emirate’s militias.

Bawabati website reported an explosion in Almansoorah district the city’s downtown at 2:36 am, “the third within just hours.” After “a sound bomb was thrown by unknown people on Sheikh Othman District Administration’s premises” and “the explosion of a bomb in a traditional market in Inmaa area.”

Although the Riyadh Agreement provides for the withdrawal of the militias from southern Yemen and the regular forces’ takeover before the government returns, the government accepted, under pressure, a return first, with only symbolic “Presidential Guards” units. The promise to implement the militia withdrawals has not been implemented yet and the government is under the mercy of the UAE’s militias.

As foreign ambassadors are expected to visit Aden, news websites affiliate to the militia propagated early Tuesday a story on “a handover of Seerah, a military outpost, to the Presidential Guards.


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