Vice President: Iran aims to destabilize the region

Vice President: Iran aims to destabilize the region

Yemen Vice President Ali Mohsin Saleh has said that Iran violates the United Nations resolutions through smuggling weapons to the Houthis in Yemen. 

In a meeting with the US Ambassador to Yemen Mathew Tuller on Monday, Vice President stressed that Iran aims to destabilize the region, particularly Saudi Arabia, threatens the international navigation, props up terrorism and target interests of some states.  

Vice President further asserted that the Yemeni government does best to restore the state, fight terrorism, pay the salaries of public servants, secure the international navigation and facilitate the delivery of relief and humanitarian assistances. 

For his part, Tuller affirmed that the United States supports the legitimate government in Yemen and refuses the Iranian intervention in Yemen, affirming that his country is keen to enhance cooperation relations with Yemen.

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