Houthis, Saleh blow up houses of people in Otomah

Houthis, Saleh blow up houses of people in Otomah

Militias of the Houthis and ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh on Monday blew up houses of some people in the village of al-Qadam, Otomah district of Dhamar governorate.  

Local sources  told Alsahwa Net that the militias deported residents  by force and turned houses into military barracks. 

They said that the militias discriminately bombed houses of civilians, pointing out that it is reportedly said that there are attempts to end the fight in Otomah through a tribal mediation. 

Militias of the Houthis and  ousted President Saleh have been indiscriminately b bombing houses of civilians in Otomah, Dhamar for seveal days.  

Local sources told Alsahwa Net that the militias used mortars, tanks and other heavy weapons against civilians.  

They also emphasized that houses and farmers were targeted, pointing out that an elderly man was killed. 

The Arab Coalition targeted last week reinforcements while they were delivering to the Houthi rebels from the city of Dhamar.  

The Popular Resistance of Dhamar governorate held a meeting on Tuesday in which it vowed to strongly respond to the Houthi aggression.

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