If you think the signs of anti-Yemen conspiracy are few, you are dead wrong

If you think the signs of anti-Yemen conspiracy are few, you are dead wrong


By Sarah Hassan

Contributing opinion writer

- President Abd-Rabbu M. Hadi is not able to say a word on the ongoing defining battle in his home country.

- The army is the only force that is banned from acquiring weapons. All rebel militias can. Houthis for example can import, modify and manufacture. 

- All rebel militias in the country have their salaries paid regularly. From the state-budget! The army is the only force that no longer receive salaries !!

- All militias have seaports under their control. The government was not allowed to control any of the country’s seaports. 

- Instead of helping end the Houthi coup, the UAE created and another rebel militia and masterminded another coup.

- The international community met the UAE’s malign role in Yemen with silence.

- The international community did not hold Houthis responsible for the coup and ensuing devastating war and did not even blame the failure of peace on the militia.

- The UN and western media outlets never talk of Houthi abuses in the militia’s areas of control including in Sana’a.


- The UN and other humanitarian agencies have refused to relocate offices to the temporary capital Aden from the beginning of the war.

- The UN concentrated its development support, humanitarian aid, and creation of jobs in Houthi-held territories despite the escape of millions of Yemenis to government-held territories in the south and east.


- The UN, other humanitarian agencies, and western media outlets and think-tanks used the humanitarian crisis the Houthis caused for the advantage of the Houthis themselves, and as a justification to keep them from harm (e.g. terror designation) and to, instead, consolidate their grip on territories.

- Behind-the-scene have always been drawn and pressures exercised to bar the army from marching on Houthi controlled territories and cities, while Houthi bloody wars and pyric pushes into government cities packed with civilians were met with international silence, no matter the risks.

- The government was banned by behind-the-scene pressures from restoring telecommunications system from Houthis and getting its real independent control over the Central Bank.

- President Hadi said to the Yemeni public in one statement in 2014 the “Conspiracy is bigger than you what you might think.” Ever since he has mostly remained silent even as big upheavals roil the country and his rule.

- The President cannot return to his country.

-The Iranian “ambassador” and missile experts can!

- Hassan Eyrlo’s entry to Yemen was met with attention-grabbing international silence.

- The UN officials in Yemen have almost always turned a blind to horrific Houthi abuses which reverberate and make headlines across Yemen on continuous basis, while bellowing whenever Houthis are in trouble or claim to be.


- The UN Eminent Experts’ produced reports consistently equate the government forces with Houthis in during-combat irresponsibility and abuses !!!!!

- The UN officials almost never visit Taiz or mention its plights on top of which is the Houthi six year siege.

- Western media outlets seem to have made it a rule to never visit Taiz or mention the Houthi mind-boggling abuses of civilians there.  Or in any other government-controlled city.

- The western media outlets and think-tanks have been working as propaganda arms for the Houthis. They have focused obsessively on the rare Arab Coalition’s mistakes in the Yemen army back aerial operations, which themselves have significantly been diminished and recently were confined to merely helping the army defend the over-populated cities under its control.

These media on the other hand tend to ignore what one would figuratively call “horror films” of Houthi production across the country.

Anyone who followed the media’s writings over the past years would have had the same satisfaction. Anyone who didn’t follow can start now.

There are too many more conspiracy indicators, but I have to leave it there.

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