Online campaign to expose crimes committed against civilians in Yemen

Online campaign to expose crimes committed against civilians in Yemen

An online campaign is to be launched on Tuesday, 8:00 pm, on social media with the aim of condemning the crimes committed by Houthi militias on populated cities.

This campaign aims to expose war crimes committed by Houthis and ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh to the public opinion. The campaign is entitled "Houthi terrorism kills civilians#".

The organizers of the campaign demanded all local and international activists to interact with this campaign, expose the militias that killed thousands of civilians as they are bombing populated cities and areas.

They also urged all media outlets to support this campaign, adopt its hashtag ("Houthi terrorism kills civilians#") and reserve a space for this campaign on their program charts

They also asked the legitimate government and the international community to designate the militias of Houthis and Saleh as a terrorist group because they committed appalling crimes against civilians in most Yemeni cities.

They also requested the United Nations bodies and other human rights organizations to shoulder their legal and moral responsibilities and operate to put an end to these crimes which contradict all religions, laws, values and traditions.


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