Trade Unions call for saving civilians and IDPs in Marib

Trade Unions call for saving civilians and IDPs in Marib


Alsahwa Net - Yemen’s trade unions have called on the international community to “take concrete and urgent measures to save civilians and IDPs in the governorate of Marib” in the face of Houthi war.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Federation of Trade Unions said that “the lives of hundreds of thousands of children and women and their right to life is of utmost importance and we strongly condemn this (Houthi) aggression that is poised to leave the most horrific humanitarian disaster in the region.”

Several Houthi missiles have hit Marib in the past 11 days incurring civilian casualties. Two of the missiles hit two IDP camps this week alone.

As part of their incessant attempts on Marib, the Houthi Shia theocratic militants started a fresh war on the government-held province on February 6, a day after the US ended their short-lived terror designation.

Marib is a city mostly populated by people who had fled the Houthi crackdown since September 2014.


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