Press Summary: New Houthi ballistic missile hits Marib

Press Summary: New Houthi ballistic missile hits Marib


  1. The Houthi militia fired a new ballistic missile on a neighborhood in the city of Marib as part of the militia’s continuous attacks on the government-held city. /Multiple websites.

  2. A Houthi militant named Thabet Hassan shot fire and critically injured both his father and brother after returning from a brainwashing Houthi course, calling the two relatives “Daeshis and infidels.” /Anbaa Aden news website.

  3. Yemeni journalist Kamal Al-Salami: Western pressure is often stronger when Houthi militants are in a critical condition./Aden Alghad website.
  5. The Director of Aljazeera TV says the spike of assassination incidents in Sana’a reveals the fragility of the security situation./Aden Alghad.
  6. The Southern Yemen forces repelled the most violent Houthi attack on Aljab military sector of Dhaleh’a province./Anbaa Aden.
  7. Houthi militants suddenly withdraw and disappear from Marib fronts./Maz Press.
  8. A new Houthi extortion policy threatens to shut down 234 healthcare facilities in the militia’s areas of control./Almashehad Alyemeni.
  9. Military sources say the battle will be transferred deep into the Houthis’ areas of control./Anbaa Aden.
  10. A senior Houthi leader, Saleh Habrah, addresses his militia: You have converted religion to a tool of deception, just like ISIS./Multiple websites.

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