Houthi terrorist war on Marib revives sense of national unity

Houthi terrorist war on Marib revives sense of national unity

The governor of southeastern Hadhramout province has ordered his local government to prepare and send a food aid convoy to Marib which is facing more a renewed Houthi offensive, Yemeni news websites reported. 

Yemeni journalist Sayf Abdullah said this and other aid convoys sent from different military factions in the past days is a “healthy sign of a revived sense of national unity against the common enemy: the Houthis.”

Abdullah cited food assistance from all military factions in the country like the Combined Forces in the West Coast saying the “Houthi war on the city of IDPs, Marib, has revived the sense of solidarity with Marib across the country, which is the only silver lining in the war.”

Abdullah said, “The scene of a powerful terrorist group seeking to crush a city of patriotic refugees was so much provocative that it has caused this the different armed factions to set aside their differences and follow the instinctive sense of what is moral to do.” “They all chose to support Marib. To support the Republic of Yemen.”


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