Protests over refugee burning in Sana’a

Protests over refugee burning in Sana’a

Large numbers of Ethiopian refugees organized a protest in Sana’a on Tuesday to protest at the burning of hundreds of fellow Oromo clansmen in a detention facility in the Houthi militia-controlled city.

The protests were held in front of the UNHCR office.

 Sources say at least 30 migrants were reportedly burned to death and 170 others were severely wounded as Houthi elements threw a bomb at the detention facility.

The militia had rounded up scores of migrants to the facility and tried to recruit them to the frontlines to fight against the government, but the migrants refused and the militia entered into disputes with them. Elements of the militia reportedly set them ablaze by throwing a bomb into the facility.

Yemen’s government, through its Information Minister, has condemned the crime in the strongest words accusing the terrorist militia of seeking to bury the evidences of the crime and demanding an international investigation.


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