Press Summary: Houthis shell kills, injures civilians in Taiz

Press Summary: Houthis shell kills, injures civilians in Taiz



  1. A shell fired by the Houthi militia has killed a man and wounded four others including university students in front of the Faculty of Literature in [central Yemen’s] Taiz city. / Multiple news websites.
  2. Houthi militants fire a shell on Arrodha neighborhood in Taiz, the second attack within two hours, injuring three civilians./Multiple websites.
  3. The Houthi militia have tightened siege around Taiz from the east by blocking the newly opened routes./Almashehad Alyemeni website.
  5. A Chinese technical team has arrived in Aden to upgrade the oil refinery./Alhekma Net.
  6. Seeking to hide the news of heavy losses they suffered in the battlefield, Houthis turn off the internet and phone call service for Marib. /Taiz News website

  7. Sixty one new coronavirus cases in Yemen.

  8. The Arab Coalition’s airstrike hit Houthi ballistic missile stocks and missile manufacturing sites in Sana’a and Hodeidah/Alsahwa website

  9. Houthi militants are compulsorily recruiting new fighters for YR 70,000 as a price for every fighter/Multiple websites.

  10. Houthi militants have recruited 100 marginalized (of African origin) Yemenis in Ibb province to deploy them to the warfronts against the government./Aden Alghad
  11. Yemen’s Prime Minister has left Aden for Saudi Arabia, days after the presidential palace where his government stays was stormed by separatists./Multiple websites.
  12. The Houthi militia’s self-styled Transports Minister Zakaria al-Shami and two other senior militants in the militia have died in mysterious circumstances. Sources say they have been eliminated by rival Houthi militants at the prodding of the Iranian ‘ambassador’ to the militia in Sana’a./Multiple websites.
  13. The people of Hays in the Red Sea governorate of Hodeidah stage a massive demonstration against the UN for its silence over the Houthi crimes./Yemen Talk.


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