Army foils new arms smuggling operations: News website

Army foils new arms smuggling operations: News website


Yemen’s armed forced foiled two new operations for smuggling arms to rebels in the country, a news website reporte.

Yemen News website quoted a security source as saying that the army “foiled an attempt to smuggle arms to the [UAE-affiliated] Southern Transitional Council militia in Khabar Almaraqisha [Arabian Sea] coastal area in the province of Abyan on Tuesday evening and Wednesday dawn.”

The smugglers retaliated with showering the local police station with fire at a later time on Wednesday, the source said.

Last week, the army in central Yemen’s Taiz foiled one of 30 arms smuggling operations from the UAE’s STC militia in Yemen’s south to Iran’s Houthi militia in the north.

Reports are increasing of a UAE and Iranian cooperation in Yemen as part of the international conspiracy against Yemen’s first legitimate government in history.



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