Yemen Shia militants enjoy immunity from enforcement or the threat of it

Yemen Shia militants enjoy immunity from enforcement or the threat of it

By Sarah Hassan

Contributing opinion writer

The international conspiracy against Yemen ensures, in one of its aspects, that Houthis keep enjoying an undeclared immunity from enforcement. No matter how much they plunge their country in war and misery.

For years, the Shiit terrorist militia sustained the war, turned back to peace offers, yet they were always immune from the enforcement of the international law or the mere warnings that they risk subjection to it.

They have been given big “rewards” and impetuses “to engage in peace” like the removal of their terror designation, but not even once shown the stick.    

International officials are seen expressing disappointments over the length of the conflict and Houthi intransigence but in narrative tones that consistently fail to assign blame to the Shia militants or warn them that they could face consequences.

For example, the US Secretary of State said on Sunday the Houthis have ignored the Saudi peace initiative plan and pressed ahead with an offensive in Marib.

Antony Blinken soft-pedaled, “We need to see the same kind of response from the Houthis who continue to hold out, and Iran should use the influence it has to move them in that direction.”

He mentioned no consequences that Houthis will be liable to in case they keep on fighting.

His remarks are just an example of the international statements that are ALWAYS free from suggesting the Houthi liability to consequences including military force.

Checking all what international envoys and other officials have said throughout the past six years, one cannot find a single official who has warned the Houthis of consequences under Chapter VII or outside of it for continuing the war.

International officials just narrate what Houthis do in a neutral or, at best, critical tone. And that is it.  

The Shiit militia enjoy sort of an undeclared international immunity from the UN resolutions and are spared even the spoken threat that they can be held accountable.

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