So many drones in a day!

So many drones in a day!


By Sarah Hassan

Contributing opinion writer

Sources in Yemen’s army said the army downed on Saturday seven Houthi armed drones over Raghwan district, just one corner in the long Marib frontline between the governmental troops and Houthi Shia militants .

An eighth Houthi drone landed on a market in the district, fortunately leaving no casualties.

Other drones were repelled in other parts of Marib’s frontline later in the same day.

Another drone reportedly hit a military camp at Al-Wadee’a entry port in the northeastern border with Saudi Arabia in the evening killing four soldiers and injuring  35 others.

In the same day, Saudi Arabia’s air defenses had intercepted 17 armed drones the Houthi militants launched toward the kingdom’s southern region.

So many drones launched by Houthis in just one day make one inquire:

Are they all Houthis drones? Is 39 casualties in Al Wadee’a the work of a strike by a traditional Houthi drone?

Who is really arming the international community’s Shiit sectarian militia in Yemen? I think this particular question is difficult!

The Yemeni legitimate army has not owned one drone in its entire time and I think there is an international red line against it having a single one in the future.

As I always believe, Yemen face's the ugliest international conspiracy on earth in favor of Shia murderers who harbor animosity for the majority Sunni Muslim nation.

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