Houthis step up attacks on Marib despite international warnings: Press Summary

Houthis step up attacks on Marib despite international warnings: Press Summary

  1. Houthis step up attacks on Marib despite international warnings/ Aden Alghad news website
  2. The Yemeni army has made significant advances against the Houthi armed group in Marib./Crater Sky new website
  3. Children (Ahmed and Sakinah) of Hassan Zayd, the Houthi militia's former Youth and Sports minister, accuse the Houthi militia of assassinating their father as part of feud within the militia last year./Multiple websites
  4. The Yemeni Government starts its first move to operate the country's liquefied natural gas project occupied by the United Arab Emirates in Balhaf area/Mareb Press
  5. Dozens of healthcare workers are protesting against corruption inTaiz/Aden Aghad
  6. The Arab Coalition says it has so far destroyed more than one thousand Houthi ballistic missiles and drones./Multiple websites.
  7. A number of men have told Al-Asima Online news website that they were caught by surprise that the Houthi militia had taken their children from summer camps to Al-Saleh mosque to be radicalized and learn the Houthi rallying cry "Death to America" in preparation to deploy them to the warfronts against the government. Some of the fathers have withdrawn their children out of the Houthi radicalization courses./Al-Asima Online
  8. Governor of Socotra Ramzi Mahroos: Life has been paralyzed in the archipelago because of the coup of the UAE-backed STC militia/Nabdh Alshare'a.
  9. A woman has been injured by a Houthi-laid landmine in Hajjah/Bawabati
  10. Supporting the army and the military resolution against the Houthi terrorist is the only feasible option to establish peace in Yemen/26 September Net.



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