President Hadi: Yemen faces humanitarian disasters

President Hadi: Yemen faces humanitarian disasters

President Abd Rabu Mnasour Hadi has called members of the Indian Ocean Rim Association Leaders' Summit in Jakarta to provide all possible support to Yemen in the fields of relief, development and reconstruction.

"Yemen faces one of the most complicated humanitarian disasters including diseases, epidemics and famine, emphasizing that economic and social indicators horrifically and the increase of crime and terrorism levels" Hadi added.

Hadi stressed that Yemen could make a lot of political achievements in light of the GCC-brokered initiative, outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference, and that the alliance of the Houthis and ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh undermined all these things through their coup carried out in 2014.

He asserted that the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference were supposed to help Yemenis coexisting and overcoming all Yemeni crisis.

He cited that the situation deteriorates in Yemen due to the coup on the legitimate government, stressing that some countries violate international laws and support the putschists.


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