Between the two pictures, there is a difference and a pain: Press Summary

Between the two pictures, there is a difference and a pain: Press Summary

*Social Media

  1. Between the two pictures, there is a big difference and a pain. In the upper, a child in Taiz is seen casting his ballot in the children's parliament in a spirit of optimism. In the lower, childern in Houthi-run governorates commemorate the martyrdom of seventh century Zayd bin Ali with a protest reviving historical sectarian bitterness and animosities as their flash cards indicate./Facebook post by Sami Ahmed

  2. As if the militias in the north and the south are in a marathon race in who can kill the most number of civilians and passengers in the road. This is what is happening in Yemen now/Tweet by Abdullah Rajeh.


*Traditional Press

  1. A mob sets the Islah party headquarters on fire in Mukalla as the party celebrates its 31st foundation anniversary/Newsline website
  2. Arab Coalition warplanes hit Houthis as they launch massive attack on Marib/The Arab Network for News
  3. The UAE-baked STC militia have arrested tribal chieftain Rashid Al-Saadi in Aden/Almahrah Alghad
  4. Houthis approve an increase in bread price Sana'a and other governorate/Newsline
  5. The Islah party safeguarded Yemen's republican system and sacrificed the blood of its leaders and grassroots in that cause, says the head of the political department of the party in IIbb governorate Mohammed Alyoosufi/Al-Sahwa Net



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