Houthi landmine wounds 15 civilians in western Yemen

Houthi landmine wounds 15 civilians in western Yemen


Fifteen civilians including women and children were wounded in the explosion of a Houthi-laid landmine in western Yemen on Monday, local sources and medics have said.

Eight men, three women and four children sustained wounds when their Hilux car hit a landmine left by the Houthi militia in Qatabah area in Al-Khawkha district of Hodeidah province, the sources elaborated.

Years ago, Yemeni officials were saying the Houthis landmines planted indiscriminately in different parts of the country exceeded one million. The landmines have left thousands of casualties and are a still a threat for the future. In the Red Sea port of Hodeidah alone, hundreds of people have been killed or wounded by the landmines since the declaration of the failed UN-backed truce between pro-government forces and Houthis in late 2018.


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