Islah head: Our country has been facing open Iranian aggression for years

Islah head: Our country has been facing open Iranian aggression for years

The head of the Yemen Congregation for Reform (Islah) party said that "our country has been facing an open Iranian aggression for years and Houthis are nothing but puppets in the hands of their masters in Persia."

In a speech on the 31st anniversary of the party's foundation Mohammed Alyadoomi said, "Our people stand holding the flag of dignity against an expansionist agenda that threatens the region at the hands of an internal militia that has its roots in the myth of Wilaya and dynastical supremacy."

"For more than six years, our people have been engaging in a historical holy struggle for their freedom and political rights that have become threatened because of a war the Houthi militia imposed on them by overthrowing the legitimate government and the outcomes of the National Dialogue," he said.

Alyadoomi said the Yemeni people have "saved no" effort to avoid this war "but the terrorist Houthi militia imposed it on them by force."

The Houthis "waged a large scale war on Yemen's cities and countryside sabotaging all peace chances and ruining civil peace and tearing apart the social fabric in an unprecedented way."
Alyadoomi said, "The Islah has been born a republican party and it has lived engaged [in politics] in the midst of the public, and it has been and will always be a servant for the nation forever, for the sake of the republic of all the people."

  Alyadoomi saluted the party's senior member Mohammed Qahtan "who is spending his sixth year sitting in the corner of an unknown kidnapping site" run by the Houthi militia.

Alyadoomi renewed the party's call for the unconditional release of Qahtan and all the hostages and for ending all forcible displacements  and exiles.

Alyadoomi said the Houthi militia have undermined the track of political work and the track of peace and instead "waged an externally-backed war on the people."

He called on the government to assume its historical and legal obligations toward the army by offering them all what they need in their open battle in defense of the country against a militia who spill the Yemeni blood to promote Iran's negotiating positions."

He called for mobilizing all efforts to stop the drain of public funds and to combat corruption  and fix all the irregularities in the state institutions.

He also called on the government to take the telecommunications system from the hands of the terrorist Houthi militia who use it to spy on the army and popular oppositionists and to tackle the currency depreciation issue.

He also called for implementing the Riyadh Agreement to end the state of schism in the ranks of the government by implementing the pending military provisions of the deal and for the return of the presidency and all governmental institutions back to the temporary capital Aden.

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