Islah's foundation marked quality milestone in Yemen's political life, leaders of parties say

Islah's foundation marked quality milestone in Yemen's political life, leaders of parties say

Leading figures in different political parties testify that Islah's foundation on September 13, 1990 marked a quality milestone in the political and social life in Yemen and appreciate the Islah's enormous sacrifices for the sake of the country and the republic. A survey by Al Sahwa Net has collected several testimonies. Here are some of them:

The former Environment Minister and incumbent Secretary General of the Union of Yemeni Popular Forces party and Abdusalam Razzaz congratulated the party on its 31st anniversary saying the "announced birth of the Islah in the same year of Yemen's unification was a special signal. "The unification was paired with the rollout of democracy, participatory politics. This (Islah) party came as one of the precious fruits of that (pluralism)."

"The foundation of the party as a national civil organization marked a quality milestone in the Yemeni political and social life regardless of the divergences and convergences of views between the Yemeni parties," he said. "Diversity is the pillar of life and is an element of stabilization and development."

Razzaz says the fronts resisting "the dynastical racist militia of Houthis in different parts of Yemen reveal the presence of the Islah party in all its weight in defense of the revolution and republic and in the cause of restoring the government, and building the federal democratic Yemen in line with the outcomes of the National Dialogue."


Senior member of the General People's Congress (GPC) party Adel Al-Shojaa congratulated the party on the anniversary saying this anniversary comes at a time when the Islah has accumulated a record of "enormous sacrifices" for the country's sake.

He said: "Even though the 13th September commemorates the launch of the Islah, the party's real date of launch was nine years earlier when it (the Islah elite) founded with other (political) actors the GPC party. Therefore this celebrated anniversary is not exclusively the Islah party alone, but an it is an honored occasion for all Yemenis. Celebrating it is a proof that Islah is a living renewing party that is faithful to the national constants and in its support to the national army and popular resistance force while they safeguard Yemen's unity, security and stability."

"This particular anniversary highlights more clearly the nation's need for the Islah and its republican unionist ideology to stand side by side with the rest of the republicans in the face of Iran which still harbors hatred against whatever is Arab," he said.

"It (the Islah) was an illuminating add to the pluralism and democracy. It stands today with all the republican powers in the face of the attempts – via sectarian regionalist proxy militias - to tear apart the country."

Senior Member of the Yemen Socialist Party ('s Central Committee) Asaad Moammed Omar said, "There is no doubt that the experience of the Islah party has seen significant transformations in the party's career and political relationships which made him an influential and big political party in the national political spectrum."

"The organizational structure of the Islah has seen major reforms that gave its members the right to representation and election of leaders and empowered women to the leadership positions," he sad

"The political rhetoric of the party has seen a great progress through the different milestones as the party moved from the power to the opposition and opened up toward its oppositionists and worked with them."


He concluded: "On the Islah and other political parties lie the responsibility of reinvigorating the political action of their parties and implementing the values of partnership and reconciliation … in managing the battle against the [Houthi] coup and Imamite theocracy."

The Secretary General of Al-Rashad Party Abdul-Wahab Al-Homeiqani said the Islah is "a pioneering party in the pluralistic experience and is a patriotic republican party that with other parties and individuals led the fight for saving Yemen from the Imamite theocracy."

He congratulated the party wishing it and all othe Yemeni parties "more cooperation in rebuilding the Yemeni state, fighting the liberation battle to rescue Yemen, and building and developing it."

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