Elderly woman loses her two sons and part of her mind due to Houthi landmine: Press Summary

Elderly woman loses her two sons and part of her mind due to Houthi landmine: Press Summary


  1. Salimah Ahmed Kuneid in her 70s has lost two of her sons (Abdullah Nabi and Ali Nabil) in the explosion of a Houthi landmine in Yemen's western coast province of Hodeidah/Aden 24 website
  1. Houthis kill senior loyalist from Taiz in Sana'a and dump his body in Al-Sayila road /Multiple websites
  2. Yemen's ex-PM Haidar Abu Bakr al-Attas attributes the national currency's collapse to the default on implementing the rest of th Riyadh Agreement: the provisions related to the military and security arrangements in Aden./Multiple websites
  3. Three simultaneous heavy explosions have been heard in Aden as public protests against the STC militia swell, demanding the militia's ouster/Voice of Yemen and other websites.
  4. An Emirati plane has flown a bunch of Southern Transitional Council militia leaders based in Aden to outside Yemen amidst swelling protests in the city in demand of the ouster of the UAE-backed militia and the return of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi's government/Multiple websites
  5. Houthis shelled Abha airport, Aden airport, Marib city and now the Mokha seaport. Dictionaries said, "Terrorism is attacking civilian people and facilities for political purposes." Yet instead of designating Houthis a terror group, the world is begging them to accept the invitations to peace talks. Terrorism apparently is a charge reserved for certain category of groups and no groups from outside the category fit."/Facebook post by Mohammed Jumeih, Yemen's ambassador to the UNESCO.


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