Protests escalate in liberated territories especially Aden over currency collapse: Press Summary

Protests escalate in liberated territories especially Aden over currency collapse: Press Summary

  1. Protests escalate in liberated territories especially Aden over currency collapse/Khabar News Agency's website
  2. Shops close after the start of a big demonstration in Crater town in Aden/Crater Sky website
  3. The STC militia uses rhetoric based on regionalist discrimination in trying to quell Aden protesters and justify killing them/Yemen Voice website
  4. The family of the young protester Ziyad Zaher who was killed during the Aden protests invites the people of Crater town in Aden to attend his funeral this Thursday evening./Crater Sky
  5. Lahj province joins in the protests raging for four days against the riyal currency's collapse in Aden, while the UAE-backed STC militia are trying to suppress the protesters by sweeping them to jails and other horrific and humiliating ways/Yemen Talk and Nabdh Al-Share'a websites
  6. The Southern Revolutionary Movement in Mukalla confirms its support to "the uprising of the free young people" against economic deterioration in the south/Aden Alghad
  7. A leader of Marib's tribal armed resistance against Houthis Ali Hassan bin Gharib survived a car bomb attack in Al-Abr highway in Yemen on his way to his home city of Marib this Thursday after returning from a trip to Saudi Arabia. Houthis had tried to assassinate him several times with ballistic missiles fired on his house in Marib since last May /Multiple media outlets.
  8. Houthis and rival black market traders of fuel engage in fierce clashes in Al-Hazm, the provincial capital of northern Aljawf provinc/Multiple websites
  9. Houthi militants execute famous policeman Saleh Al-Adrasi in cold blood and horrific way in Amran province on Wednesday/Yemen Time
  10. As Houthis maintain long siege around Taiz, malnutrition threatens the children of the city./The Arab Network for News
  11. Fifty people were killed in clashes as Houthis sought to overrun government forces' positions in Beidha province on Wednesday/Multiple websites
  12. A civilian was killed by a Houthi shell in Al-Dorayhimi of Hodeidah governorate today/Ayn Almahrah
  13. After the STC leader announced state of emergency, protests erupt in the third province in south Yemen – Lahj province /Yemen Voice
  14. The Yemeni currency, riyal, sees catastrophic collapse this Thursday.A US dollar is now worth 1116 riyals./Yemen Sport

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