Imagine for a moment

Imagine for a moment


By Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan


Trying as usual to fire a ballistic missile toward a Yemeni government-held city or probably a Saudi city, Houthis did not get it right this Sunday dawn and the missile came crashing down in the same city of launch, central Yemen's Dhamar.

Dozens of men and women were killed and injured - obviously in their sleep because it is still dawn.

  1. Imagine for a moment the international media's outcry if it was the government who failed to launch a missile like this and caused the massacre! Imagine how Iran's mouthpiece of Aljazeera TV would cover it. Imagine how western media would sensationalize it. Would the US envoy, British ambassador, UN envoy or any of the UN's officials let it pass without mentioning it? How many years will it be held over the government as a crime? Like the myth of "horses" killed or schoolchildrenon a bus in Saada by airstrikes as the UN still weeps in its reports. Were it the government who caused the disaster of today, would the UN reports on humanitarian situation leave it out?

Imagine the government or any other faction than Houthis is killing civilians across the frontlines on a daily basis for seven years, or turning Yemen to a farm of landmines since 2004?


Imagine someone else other than Houthis is waging this never-ceasing war in the country and committing these countless terror acts that the Press Summary on this website can't keep track on everyday?  


Stop. Let's go to the bottom of imagination.


Imagine the Houthis were a Sunni group!  


Would the wicked entity that people name the "international community" leave them without dismantling till today?


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